A broad range of services

Chemo-Consulting GmbH offers a wide range of services. In cooperation with certified laboratories, it offers the analysis of

Geotechnical investigations are used both in landfill construction and for typical building ground issues in connection with the development of building plots. Another focus is the investigation of contaminated sites and their expert assessment with regard to the implementation of remediation measures.


Quality and reliability

The laboratories we work with meet the requirements for accreditation by the DAkkS. The high level of performance is tested and documented through participation in international interlaboratory tests.

The examinations are carried out exclusively according to recognized procedures, whereby quality assurance is of decisive importance.


The interplay between chemistry and geotechnics

Only through the interaction of chemistry and geotechnics in the context of contaminated site investigations is it possible to develop a technically and economically optimized remediation concept. In this respect, we are the ideal partner for building owners, architects and engineering firms.

We also offer waste producers and disposers an economically and technically sound assessment basis for determining the optimum disposal route in compliance with legal requirements, e.g. the German Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) and the German Landfill Ordinance (DepV).

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